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Originally Posted by toast View Post
i've read the threads. seems like there is a lot of pride in what we all drive. personally i have a ford toner and nothing bad to say about it that has not been self induced. i don't sit and boast about what my truck can do and somebody elses cannot. the truth is the powerstroke, duramax, and the cummins are all consumer diesels. i've drivin all of them at length and there are redeeming qualities to all of them. an inline 6 will always produce more usable torque. a v-8 will always be smoother and produce more usable hp. and on and on and on. so the looming threat that dodge is going to loose cummings as a diesel power plant because cummins is a ford owned company......yea that whole thing........well that's gonna through a monkey wrench in the whole program. now ford offers the powerstroke, and the cummins in properly equiped trucks. so is ford gonna be the big dog because they offer two impressive diesels in their trucks? NO! they are the big dog because they also offer a CAT diesel in the same f-series frame. so until we can afford the CAT power we should shut our traps and let the CAT's run the road show. and i'm spent.

I hope you are joking. Ford does not own "Cummings" or even Cummins. Cummins owns Cummins. Ford BUYS Cummins produced diesels to put in their trucks, as does Chrysler.
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