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Originally Posted by Trail_Fanatic View Post

Seems like it would be the other way around!

NO trespassing = you weren't supposed to be here to break your leg in the first place, so I'm not payin for it.

Ride At Your Own Risk = Permission to ride, if you break your leg, I said it was OK, so I'm libel.

I know its sounds stupid, but the way the law reads you are responsable for anothers actions unless you for warn them.
Now Ohio has a law that states if you operate a recreational vehicle of anykind or tresspass and get hurt thats your fault. now heres the loophole.

IF you attempt to empede travel by ANY means like blocking existing paths by dumping nails or setting traps you are in violation of attempt to do great bodly harm less then death. you can get 20 years for it.

the other nice thing about Ohios law is the land owner doesn't have to insure againest you crossing his land on your sled or ORV. its a good law it makes you the user responsable for your own actions.
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