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Originally Posted by Smiley23 View Post
Yes, I put lockout hubs on the front to reduce the friction for highway driving. It originally came with solid hubs. When they are locked, I get wheelhop on a turn. Now that I am dropping a 454 into it, I doubt I will be doing much highway driving, so I will go back to solid hubs.

If you are just getting a clicking, I would guess that a U-Joint must be going bad. Have you tried to lift one side and see how much play you have before there is friction? Listen for a click noise?

There should also be some type of retainer keeping the shaft in (ie. axle bearing). If that is wearing out and the shaft is shifting, you will have some mis-alignment causing that sound.
Gotcha. Big blocks are nice.

I doubt it's the U-joint because it's a completely different sound then when those went bad before.

I haven't really had a chance to lift it up. I may be able to this weekend.

I drove it today, and it barely did it. It's almost as if it seems to do it more when it's hot outside. I don't know why, unless it's directly related to the power steering fluid getting hot.
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