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Yes, I can send GPS coordinates of places you just have to visit while in the U.P. Most of them are listed on

I am already planning next years trip. 2 weeks in August, again. But I'm torn between another long caching trip all over or 2 weeks backpack camping on Isle Royale (never been)...but it would be around 100 miles of hiking and I need to buy lighter gear. I am only set up for Jeep camping (at least that is what I call tent weighs 28#).

I'd highly recomend enjoying the splendor of Michigan's U.P. annually, at a minimum. I expected to see a bunch more Jeeps out there. It was great meeting ddeadserious * family at the Union Bay campground...perfect timing.

I think I remember a blue XJ towing a plow on a flatbed trailer near the Quincy Mine...pretty sure I waved to you. I was going up the hill and you were headed down, as I recall.

I do have the self-portrait thing down...I love my Coolpix 1500 camera. The lens flips around so you can see the LCD screen. And I have a tiny Gorilla brand tripod whose arms can wrap around tree branches and bend around rocks, etc. Set it up, align the LCD so I know where to stand, start the timer and run. On some pics I had to RUN LIKE THE WIND to get in the shot (like that one on the bridge, bjhouse). Bounding over rocks, trees, bridges, etc.

jthomp-we stayed at the Hilltop Inn and of course we had a monster cinnamon roll for breakfast the morning we left for the Huron Mtns. That thing was HUGE in a HUGE HUGE HUGE way. Mom and I shared and we still couldn't finish one between the two of us. It was recommended in my "Hunts' Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninnsula" (that book is AWESOME...even if it is 10 years old). I also used "A Guide to 199 Michigan Waterfalls" (recommended by the Hunts' Guide). Most waterfalls we visited had geocaches at them, and thus GPS coordinates; Some we used the guide to direct us to a proper parking place and the trailhead before seeking out the cache.
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