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Originally Posted by 94KOTA View Post
1994 Explorer 4.0, im doin an oil change tomorrow and puttin in some gasket sealer cuz its not leakin as bad..ill see if that helps any...if not its pry the gasket or main ?
OH OH Yeah....the A4LD porks another owner....

Anyhow, all kidding aside, these tranny's are known to eat up front pump seals like there going out of style. There are a few reasons / things that can cause this problem on this particular tranny....

First, as mentioned, if the converter hub is worn or the pump bushing is worn it'll cause this.

Second, the A4LD/4.0 combo uses a "crank spacer" that helps to center the nose of the converter on the back of the crank - they crack, and can actually cause this.

Lastly, if the bell housing on the trans becomes warped/distorted in even the most minor way, it'll cause this.

I know all this first hand because I went through pump seals four times on longer have that problem as the A4LD no longer resides in the truck

Edit: additionally, on the rear main make sure after the seal is in you smear some RTV on it around where it meets the block/oil pan....additionally I'd smear some along the backside of the oil pan - not too much, just eneough to seal the negligable space between the seal and the block/pan as these motors are notorious for oil seaping (not leaking) from the rear main. In fact, if I'm not mistaken there is a special ford rear main spacer/upgraded part to deal with this issue

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