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Originally Posted by UnlimitedLove View Post
It's in Milford, OH not Milford, MI

It already had the water pump changed and the glow plug relay changed.

I'm just sent an email on the flywheel. It was a beater but it started right up and didn't smoke a bit. This kid went to diesel school for two years or so he says. The body and interior is ROUGH but the truck is only $2500. The exhaust needs to be completely replaced. There was no play in the turbo. The valve cover gaskets were just done with a new injector harness.

Another thing that I'm concerned about is that it doesn't shift into gears that easy and he said something about new syncros . . . I thought it would shift really easy with those but it does shift. The clutch grabs right at the floor. I thought it should grab at the top but I don't know on that either.

The trans is the ZF 5-speed. He went through two (the orignal and a cheepy from the junk yard) autos and said F**K it and put the ZF in. It still has the colum shifter

Thanks once again for the insight and please give more!!
There is a little ball and socket on the clutch linkage that uses a plastic bushing to hold it in and take up slack - they go for about $5 and are always in stock...they go bad and your clutch gets sloppy and if they go real bad, the rod will fall out on the inside of the truck and the return spring will suck your clutch pedal to the floor and keep it there (stranding you in an intersection :tonka: )

As far as syncros, my third gear synchro is bad - partialy from the aforementioned bushing and partially from trying to shift it into third too fast while drag racing I've lived with the bad syncro for 50K - I just double-clutch and the trans snicks right into gear.

Exhausts are cheap - you can probably find one on e-gay for $400 or less. Don't bother with a muffler, just run 4" pipe out the back - the front end of the truck is so noisy, you won't notice any exhaust sound.

Glow plugs are a cinch after you remove the valve covers - especially on a truck that isn't intercooled. 10mm socket to get them out AFTER you use a mightyvac to suction out the oil sitting around the plugs. If you don't remove the oil around the plugs first, it will drain into your cylinder and you have the chance of damaging your engine when you crank it.
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