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Originally Posted by Mud'N'Truck View Post
I presonlly like gear to gear timing sets. Thats what i put on my 350 and it sounds cool to. Sounds like it has a supercharger. Its a noicey gear to gear. Wasnt really that much more then a double roller. Its a summit brand one. Nice thing with gear to gear is you never have to worry about the chain breaking or streaching. My .02 cents. A few extra bucks now can save you regrats and head aches in the long run. I already wished i would have done a few things different on my motor.
Price a gear drive for a Chrysler some time.

Not a simple job, either, and a double roller should last 100K mi, easy.

I'll get back to you on the engine stuff, plato, remind me if I don't.

If you don't upgrade the pump and intemediate drive, however, just go with half groove main C77 or M77s, trimetal. The headgasket should be fine for what you are doing- I would imagine it to be a Felpro Blue.

Not a whole lot of duration at .050, and doesn't appear to be a fast rate of rise cam. If you have issues with Hughes (I know someone on here did recently), one or two other cam grinders sell FRoR cams that utilize the larger Chrysler lifter- the big cam companies tend to use basic Chevy cam profiles in their MoPar grinds.

You really will need to find out how much work has been done to the heads and find your true compression ratio to get really serious, however.
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