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-Make sure it hasn't been started yet that day. When you get there, count how long the 'wait to start' light stays on. 8+ seconds is normal and means at least 6 plugs are woring correctly. 2-3 second means at least 2 glow plugs are bad. less than that or a clicking noise means the glow plug relay is bad. When it starts, look for smoke exiting the tailpipe for the first 30 seconds or so, that is another good indication of glowplug conditions. If it smokes just for the first 20-30 seconds, it;s fuel (glow plugs), if it smokes for a few minutes then stops, it might be oil (blowby). That scenario really isn't a bad deal though. If it smokes longer, you have bad injectors/bad blowby
-fuel leak in the engine valley, might even drip down the trans bellhousing ($100 lift pump + 4 hours labor) or fuel bowl crack (anywhere from $50-$600)
-endplay in the turbo impellor shaft (rebuilds are only ~$300)
-abnormal wear of turbo impeller from bad air filter/cracked intake box (was a recall)
-Ask him about using diesel coolant (different than normal coolant). Not using the right coolant can cause cavitation and damage to the walls
-play in front end components. Should be able to feel vibes. In any case, the 2wd front end is cheap to rebuild
-hopefully the new clutch was upgraded over stock
-test the fuel tank selector switch

buy it, then-
tymar intake $140
downpipe and exhaust $450
Tony Wildman chip $400
and you'll be amazed
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