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Originally Posted by jontboudrie View Post
ford had a diesel in some early model 85 ranger 4x4's didn't last long though if you could find one of those !!!

good luck i' keep my eyes open

and i have all kins of 6.9 and 7.3 diesel stuff and a allison trans bolted to a 6.9 in a school bus. if anything comes up i'll try to help.
I'd shy away from them, I've heard average reliability from them, but they're an N/A diesel, so no turbo, were fairly anemic and really didn't give that great of mileage for a small diesel.

Get a VW one and chip it, and get an adapter from somewhere. the pre '99 ones have better mileage/less power, the newer ones have much more power but less mileage. But if emissions is no concern, another option is:

Stephen Calhill
Old British Wheels Canada LTD.
Dartmouth Nova Scotia

it's caled the "HS2800" by international
Pic 1 Pic 2

Base Price: $5,800
Peak Torque: 375 Nm (277ft lbs) @ 1,400 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 135 @ 3,800 RPM
Weight: 208 Kg (~460 lbs) - about the same as a small block with aluminum heads
  • NO COMPUTER - Totally mechanical engine
  • Available in a wastegate and variable geometry turbocharger configurations
  • Click here for a picture of the power curve
  • Adapter plates to fit GM transmissions! (by Advance Adapters)
More information on this engine in particular can be found at the engines\\\\\\\\\\' Yahoo group HERE. Including detailed drawings of the engines' size and location of components to plan your swap more easily in the files section.

If you want to stay Ford it is (or at least WAS) used in the Rangers overseas (but doesn't have a SBF pattern). I don't think there's for adapters at this time, but I do have both the patterns for the 2800 and a Ford small block AND the Jeep 4.0 and it's counterparts, but only the bolt patterns, not the crank patterns or any other spacers or how the starter would fit. but if you wanted those I can PM them to you there is however a GM adapter for it. and "technically" you could get the GM adapter and then get a Ford adapter for the GM pattern, but getting al that in tolerance might be an issue.

those are about the closest you going to get to running a diesel, I'm pretty sure there isn't any diesels with a SBF pattern. Good luck on the project!
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