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M-6375-Z460Billet Steel176-tooth24.2 oz.-in.Fits 1979-97 460 including M-6007-C460/D460/A514/D514. For external balance only. 11” long or diaphram-style clutch with 5/16” holes. 11.5” and 12” long or diaphram-style clutch. 11” diaphram Ford Trucks even pattern. Meets SFI 1.1.
Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
ding ding...round two!

are you trying to reinforce what I allready stated? or just make your self look bad? the fact that 79+ 460's are externaly balanced has nothing to do with your previous claims that all of them were..

The only hang-ups
are 410 and 428ci engines, which are externally balanced, unlike the rest of the “FE” engines
which are internally balanced. This means that if you intend to interchange components, you
must balance your mill accordingly or face serious vibration problems later. The 428 Super
Cobra Jet mandates further balancing considerations due to its add-on counterweight and
heavier LeMans rods.
Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
This is why I had to make a Flywheel. they do not make a standard trans one for a 410.
again, I can quote info off the internet too.. but it has nothing to do with helping to prove your wrong info..

you posted above that only the 410 is external, and then after I corrected you, you post a excerpt from another site to reinforce what I said,(that 410's and 428's both are) and disprove your own BS, but somehow think it helps your case? I'm not sure what your trying to get at..
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