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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
I am wondering where you found your facts?
some of what you posted is flat ass wrong.
obviously not where you got yours, since his are correct
460's are EXterally balenced always have been since `68. the 429's came as Interally balenced. the Boss 429 could be ordered either way or not at all.
wrong, 78 and older 460's are interenaly balanced, same with 429's, and I would assume 370's(there are no such thing as a 377, unless your talking about the destroked chevy motor) are as well, though I've never had the flywheel off ours to check. now, 79+ 429's I'm not sure, and thus won't speculate.

last I knew 390(fe) flywheels didn't ever mount to a 429/460 engine, secondly they are internally balenced. which wouldn't work on a 460 anyways. also the dia. of the flywheel is wrong. if I remember right the 429/460 used a 142 tooth wheel. the 390/428 used a 136 tooth. now I can beleive you used a 428 flyweel on a 390 or vise versa, but the 385 series engines parts didn't interchange.
wrong, wrong wrong. The correct tooth count would be, 164 and 157, The FE flywheels bolt right up to a 385 series motor. .
by the way out of the engines you listed under FE the 410 is the only one thats is externally balenced and it never came as a standard trans. I had to make a flywheel for one once.
Wrong again, the 410 and 428 are both externaly balanced, all others are internaly balanced. This doesn't even bring in to factor the FT series engines
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