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Originally Posted by comanche38 View Post
If that is what you like, go for it. There is just no need for that much weld. If you have a 3/4" clevis or D-ring you really only need let's say a total of ONE INCH of good, proper weld to carry the same weight, obviously you have to take into account the occasional side pull and such, so it would be more. I figured one inch because the clevis is hardened. I have built many bumpers and worked in the steel business and fabrication for almost all of my working life and the D-Ring mounts that I make are made out of 2 1/2" x 3/4" stock, bevel the welding surface, run a 1/2 weld around it and I have over 3" of weld, well over the required. I do not doubt that you do good work (even though I have not seen any in person) but the ones you saw pull off had other problems - not enough weld, not properly welded or not properly prepped. This just seems overkill and it makes them stand out too much, for my taste.
when ive seen them fail it was not the weld, but the base metal and placement. they were just welded on the face and under side load ripped the base metal along the heat eff. zone.
yes at a staight pull 3" of 7018 will hold 300,000 (ive done it), but under side load you are banking on the heat eff. zone (right next to the weld) holding.
wich after hydrogen imbritlement is only good for about 4000 draw, and less than 1000 of torque load on 1/4" mild steel.
if i would have used mig, all of these # drop by 40%
by running three sides and useing an open root proc. i know that this bumper will never fail, no matter what.
if some jackass hooks up to him in a mud hole and runs 40 mph to the end of a 100' stap sideways, no one is going to be wareing part of a bumper i built as headgear.

and sence you have been working in the biz for so long you will under stand how qualified i am in this area better than most (or you should at least)
im a pipe welder in the oilfield, when i get called to a job peoples lives depend on me doing it the right way
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