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congrats on the new pick-up.
What type of mill? What type of tool holders does it use ?

It depends what you want to do with it. This is what I have learned so far:

you will need tool holders, collets, and your actual cutting tool. The tools are pretty straight forward, drill bits are obviously your most basic for drilling operations. Endmills are the next step, not really made for plunging but you can surface with them, side cut etc. Endmills can come with chamfers on the bottom corners but they are really there to avoid square corners. Ballnose endmills are just that and endmill with a hemi-sphere sphaped end. It obviously has it's advantages for cutting certain shapes.

If I was setting up a mill in my garage today I would get a few tool holders, a collet set, and a chuck. I would buy some standard endmills, most likely some cheap carbide ones, they are kinda disposable like drillbits but you can get some life out of them. US standard sizes are usually easier to find and cheaper than metric sizes. I would get standard square end mills in like the1, 1/2,1/4 and 1/8 sizes to start you most likely wont need anything more for simple stuff and that should get you started unless your doing alot of small detail work. I would also want an edge-finder and digital redouts for the x and y axis to help with any more precise parts.

You will also NEED a quality vice, some parrallels and some gauging blocks and clamps for that nice new table your buying.

I know it sounds like alot but you can get cheap brands that work well and you dont NEED all of it right off the bat especially if your just doing some simple parts. (then I would get the vice, holder, collet, and endmills and have fun)

Information on tool holders here:

you will probabley also need Collets if you dont have them:

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