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Bowling for Columbine was not that great of a movie. 3/4 of it was other people's material and him going around to various stores trying to act like a mobster. In America, everyone has the right to make money, he's able to do it off the emotions of people.

I DONT CARE WHO IT IS, i dont like celebrities in general. They were nobodies like the most of us and when they get their big break, its piss on the little people.

Paris Hilton - wouldnt jack off to that douche if my life depended on it, Angelina Jolie - amazing what 50 pounds of plastic in the right place can get you, im sure you get the point.

Im sorry that this topic allowed me to vent, but when it comes down to it, we need less celebrities, famous people, controversial figures in the world. No two people ever have exactly the same view (thankfully) and we shouldnt allow ourselves to "hate or love" someone because of what they do for "society"
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