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i guess my thing is is their no men among us anymore. how many times do you drive down the road and see a kid riding his bike with a helmet on. take that silly helmet off. when he cracks his bean on the pavement, hell know not to do it again. everything today is to keep us from hurting ourself, well thats the problem is were all abunch of whiny bitches. crying about everything from the rich having too much money, to helping the poor with government programs. but dont do that with your own money, why when well just make a government program to do that. theres always gonna be war, i wish there wasnt. but whats the alternative? there are bad people in this world, and they would love nothing more than to behead your whole family and im glad that we have brave military that sacrafice thier life to see that bad people dont get that chance. and to think that weve somehow caused this is zany. when will you people be man enough to stand up and say enough is enough. take your helmet off already. and yes, i am a moron, but im no commie pussy. now kick me in the jimmy!
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