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Originally Posted by grandrapids View Post
i think it is such a disservice to our men and women who are making a difference in other parts of the world, and all we can do is critisize and make fun of whats going on. do i like the war, no. do i see the benefits in being in iraq, yes. would we as a country be safer if we pull out? sometimes you just have to suck it up, stop taking other peoples shit, and put them on the run in thier own country. stop whining and STOP BEING SUCH A COMMUNIST PUSSY!
ya know, when duffman or bruce or muddy or many of the right wingers here say some thing dogmattic or way right wing, i will at least think about what they have said becouse there is at least some thought behind what they believe.

not you.
you seem to be a moronic asshole.
calling some one a commie and a pussy cuz you seem to think we should be in a single party system and all who are not gop are anti america.
no, we are anti single minded moron
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