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American Leyland??
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Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
Ummm.. on paper.. But I'll tell you. Out here on the highway I see ALOT of trucks pulling trailers. 7 times out of 10 I am getting my doors blown off my fords . the other 3 times it is a chevy or dodge. I am usually passing chevys, and dodges.
drove a v6 ford once, it was slow and gutless, so i don't know maybe it was a bad one

and about the blowing the doors off thing, Ask around and you will find that i had no trouble doing 80 mph or more with my 4cyl Sonoma pulling my samurai, In fact i had to drive that fast because of the retarded power band of the engine.

so speed does not equal safe or good towing

but i'd pick the ancient GM 4.3L over the other V6 full size trucks. not fast by any means, but it has more useful torque imo.
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