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Default 85 Scrambler build

Hey dudes. I thought I would share the progress on the scrambler I am building. Well, I started out with an 85 scrambler that ran really well and all of the gauges, etc worked.

Here it is Pre-tear down.

I started loosening all of the body mount bolts (and they were all completely rusted through). This took some doing, but once I had these out, we were able to start on the front clip. We removed the fenders, the grill, radiator (which was rotten so we bought a new one), undid all of the electrical that was still fastened to the body, unbolted the steering shaft, unbolted the clutch linkage, and basically anything that hooked into the front clip.
We ended up with this.

We then unhooked the gas lined from the rear filler, diconnected the brake brackets from the body, took out the shifters, disconnected the speedo cable, etc. had some friends come over and we lifted the body off. (note: if you do not leave the top or doors on, due to the length of the scrambler, the area in between the bulkhead and the dash is very weak and can fold in).

the body:

The frame with my 5 yr old neighbor "helping out"

We then began to patch up the bottom of the body. The body mount plates were all rusted out, so we welded in new 1/8" plate on the frame and the body. There was also a small hole in the floor of the drivers side.

We then began to run new brake and fuel lines on the frame. We are switching from manual brakes to power brakes. I bought a power brake booster off of a YJ for this.

The frame is almost done, the body is done.

More pictures to come soon. I have a set of 1.5" rubicon express YJ springs that we are installing. I also have some Dana 44's with ARBs and 4.56 gears that are currently having spring perches welded on the top over at ARC spring. We will be installing all of this within the next week or so.
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