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My truck did not have a cat on it from the factory.

Your info is incorrect. How ever 2003 1/2 Ford Powerstroke Diesels do have cats. That would be the 6.0L. I do not know when Chevy and Dodge started putting cats on there diesels. I know it is around the same time frame.

The only thing my truck came with was a muffler and that has been off for about 2 years. Now I am upgrading from the stock exhaust size of 3.5inches to 4inch straight pipe.

This is 100% legal.

The exhaust system you show is for trucks that are in cali or states that have emmission requirements on diesels. Fortanuately Michigan does not have those requirements there for no Cat is required.

Also that exhaust system is not very popular by diesel enthuasists. Being he even lists the exhaust for a 6.2L with a single cat. To my knowledge the trucks that had the 6.2L never had a cat either. Catalytic converters were not required on Diesels by Federal Law until 2004. How ever when Ford went to the 6.0L halfway into the 2003 model year. They equiped the trucks with cats.

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