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Sorry - its all my fault. I've been taking up all his shop time and bumping everyone else's projects. :tonka:

Oh, and BTW... Nothing he's built for me has ever failed. That includes driveshafts and axles. I love reminding the people on Misfits about that.

It should also be noted that the first link to the driveshaft that DetR6oit posted was not built by James. This was discussed, but its not exactly stated clearly in the thread. I believe it was outsourced to Joint, Clutch, & Gear. Needless to say, that source was dropped by him a long time ago. I watched him extend the one side of the front shaft for my Ram in the shop, so if it should fail, there will be no question as to where to address the quality or warranty issues. I don't expect it to be indestructible - all he did was extend the stock shaft. I didn't get to witness the XJ's rear shaft being built.

Why in the world people keep dragging up parts built by a source he no longer uses (because they sucked) is beyond me. Warranty policies are other issues, of course. I can only say that anything I have had a problem with has always been corrected on the next trip up there. So far I have been lucky, since there has always been an existing reason (new work) for another trip. Having to make that trip from the Detroit area really does suck, though.
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