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Interesting read

This is a hot topic for sure.................or maybe a cold one. Depends on who your asking I suppose.

Dear anyone,

One thing is for sure mankind has changed the balance of Air quality burning Oil, Coal and such. When I here people say its all BS I cringe. The fact is the atmosphere is whacked. Simple facts and all thoose who says its a crock will be long dead before any real Global change happens. So they can spew all they want.....................But there kids will wish they wern't so Ignorant and lazy. It is far to easy to just pass it all of as BS. Why should you care...What can be done about it anyway.............Nothing it's too late. It's always easier to say it aint so, than to study the information. Just like kids do

Dont be so foolish as to just pass the facts and base your ideas on Global change within your own little expereinces. Educate yourself and make and informed decision. Be a wise learned soul and dont appear to be so damn childish

Earth hot, Earth too cold..does not matter. The human plauge will be extingushed sometime in the near future anyway. The planet is a living breathing thing and we are a sickness................lmao

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