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Default '79 Cherokee Chief S - Texas truck (parting out or selling whole)

I just took delievery of this '79 Cherokee Chief S from Texas. It has a 360/TH400/Quadratrac. Dana 44s front & rear with 3.54 gearing. 79K miles. I have the title to the truck, as well. I bought this truck as a package deal with a rust-free Scrambler tub. The guy planned on pulling the Cherokee body, and mounting the Scrambler tub on the FSJ frame/drivetrain. Wheelbase is 109", which is only 5" longer than a Scrambler. A guy in is doing this swap currently, and I know a guy in Indiana who has done the same thing.

It runs/drives (it was driven onto an aquaintence's trailer in Austin, TX, and then onto Five Star Auto's car hauler). However, when I tried to start it here, I don't seem to be getting fuel. I'm wondering if some debris jostled loose during transport, and blocked the fuel line between the pump & the carb. I'm currently looking into this. I'll guarantee this to run pending the fuel delivery issue, though.

I traded some CJ/XJ stuff to PavementPounder, and will be getting an FSJ hood, bumpers, and other misc. stuff within a week or so.

SUPER clean. Most of it is still the original faded black paint. I'd be willing to bet that you won't find a cleaner FSJ frame in Michigan.

Body condition:

The good:
  • Rust-free front fenders
  • 99% rust-free doors (some surface rust on inside lower lip)
  • Floors in rear (cargo area) are pretty clean from underneath. See "the bad" below for front floor comments.
  • Glass is good
  • Tailgate is REALLY clean

The bad:
  • Some small spots in floors would need to be patched.
  • Rear flares are rusty (replacement aftermarket flares can be purchased)
  • Driver side quarter behind rear wheel is rusty.
  • Small soft spot on passenger side between door and wheel opening.

Complete Truck Price: $750 OBO (I'd prefer to sell this COMPLETE)

Parts Prices:
  • Body "package" (tub, tailgate, all glass, doors) - $250...may sell individual items separately
  • Rust-free frame - $150
  • Chief emblems (Fenders & glove box) - Not available...these are hitting eBay
  • Front springs (same as Waggy springs; 2" offset pin) - $65
  • Dana 44 front axle (3.54) - Passenger-drop, complete caliper-to-caliper. This does NOT have flat-top knuckles. $200
  • Dana 44 rear axle (3.54 offset diff) - $75
  • Rust-free front fenders - $40 each
  • Grill - $30
  • Hood (not pictured) - $40
  • NEW radiator (missing cap, though...blew off in transport) - $75
  • 360 motor w/all accessories - $250 once I solve the fuel delivery issue.
  • TH400 trans - $100
  • BW-1339 Quadratrac t-case w/low range - $150
  • Red interior items - Make offer (good dash pad, visors, etc.)
  • Power steering box w/pitman arm - A great upgrade for late-model Jeeps. $75
  • Other small parts - Just ask.

This Jeep is "in the queue" behind a couple others, so I'd need some lead-time on getting stuff pulled. I'm not desparate to sell this stuff, so don't make me crazy-low offers...I'll just ignore you. I'm also registered on, and will be listing stuff on there, as well. Anything that doesn't get spoken for will be eBay'd.

If you're interested in these items, e-mail me (address in sig) or reply here. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME, as it's easier for me to manage parts sales via threaded e-mails in Gmail.


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