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Originally Posted by sglide View Post
i knew if i waited long enuf you would tell what the art. was about and i wouldnt have to read it.
thanks gm

do you want a brainless baby dave?????
If you even read the story, then you know the child was not brainless, well not the first one the story is about. The first one had spinal bifida, which in that case was mising a covering over the spinal cord, and had some swelling at the base of the brain. That would require some very detailed surgery to cover everything, and the child would almost certainly be physically handicapped its whole life. This does not devalue its life, but that i the reality.

In the second case, the child did not have a fully developed brain, which would not support normal life (even central nervous system stuff would not function correctly). If that was my wife and child, then yeah, we would keep it and deliver it. As a matter of fact, a woman from my old church had that exact circumstance. She knew the baby would not live long at all. She gave birth, it was very sad, and the child died honorably in the arms of its parents two days after birth. Its brain simply would not make the heart beat and lungs breathe, stuff like that. Instead of destroying the baby while the mother is passed out, thereby bypassing the proper grieving and respect for life of the child, she delivered it and grieved appropriately. If you read the story, the woman who is so tore up said how she never had the proper chance to grieve. She should have kept her baby. Yeah, I said it.
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