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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
The article was on the home page of MSN.

I honestly could not bring a child born without a brain into this world.

I don't think you read the article Dave if you think she felt bad about it, because she didn't.
You asked me to read it, all 3 pages, and I did, without skimming. At first I was going to quote all her outrageous statements about "so called partial birth abortions" and how she busted out in tears as Bush did a very honorable thing. Or perhaps the part where she said she could not even call it abortion (eventhough that is exactly what it was).

She is MOURNING terribly over what happened. But I propose that her pain is that her child died, and let me remind you that it was her choice to end its life. That child COULD have lived, albeit handicapped in a wheelchair, but the child could have lived. If that child was not killed, she would have it, and her pain would be lesser, and she would not have all these constant bad feelings, scared that someone wants to talk about children.

What part of her story or thoughts should somehow alter the partial birth abortion ban? I don't see anything remotely considerable.
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