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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
I recently put my 2001 Plymouth Prowler on ebay.
It sold for $32,500. Some guy from Miami bought it. He sounded like a foriegn guy, but I did'nt think much about it except I thought it was odd that his last name was Mc Cullough and he was a black guy. Well, it was like pulling teeth to get my $2,000 deposit, but I did. I should have known there was a problem when I picked him up at the airport, showed him the car for two hours, THEN he says he did'nt have time to go get the money!
He won the auction 10 days earlier and he does'nt have time to go get a verifiable cashiers check, but he can fly 1200 miles to buy a car, WITH NO MONEY! WTF!
Maybe I'm too suspicious, but the brothers don't usually drive around in little two seat convertible prowlers. He had a million reasons why he had to go to a bank in Detroit to get the money, etc. I took him to a hotel so he could get it straightened out. The next day, he wants me to drive him to Detroit to the bank. [An 2-4 HOUR round trip!], but first he wants to take it on a test drive. Now why did'nt he say anything about driving it in the two hours he looked at it the day before?
I told him to rent a car, get his money [Verifiable] and then call me. Well after another day, he calls from his hotel and says it rained and he did'nt get around to renting a car. Now, my house is 1.5 miles from his hotel, and IT NEVER RAINED! He still wants to drive it. Right then, I said "Ozzie, this cars is not for you, why don't you just forget it and I'll Paypal your deposit back"
Maybe he was'nt scamming me, but why would you go 1200 miles to buy a $32,500 car, and not bring any money?
Oh well, anyone want a nice Prowler?
dude, that sucks. I didn't know you were selling it. I can't imagine seeing a brother rollin in your bright ass prowler!

wtf would he fly up here if he didn't plan on buying it?
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