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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
4 things to make a motor run

Fuel - check the pressure into the carb, might have to plumb in a gauge. Also verify visually that the fuel is spraying thin (not drops) out of the carb and isn't flooding the motor. The motor will actualy idle ok a little lean, but won't idle very rich.

Spark - Timing light on the tip of each wire near the plug with show all cylinders are getting spark (timing is another issue). However a timing light on 1 cyl will show if the chain jumped.

Air- Have to assume intake is ok... anything in the exhaust that could be plugged?

Compression - run a compression test and a leakdown test.
its getting fuel, there is plenty of pressure and the bowl has fuel in it. we checked each spark plug with a timing light and they all worked as the should. Nothing is plugging the exhaust it is coming out how it should. we ran a compression test and all the cylinders were good, around 130 psi.
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