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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
How often you gonna tow and how often will it get driven while not towing? The hp and tq numbers are pretty close on those two engines for over 2L difference in displacement.

The only way I would get a 8.1L is if it had an allison behind it.
Its a tow rig only. My wife and I both have other vehicles to drive to work/everyday. As a matter of fact we have 5 vehicles..someone want to buy one?:tonka: My current Suburban has been sitting for almost two weeks. Wont get driven again to July 4th holiday weekend when we go camping. So gas mileage isn't really a concern to me. I only get 13mpg not towing and 7mpg towing with my 1500 and 5.7L. If unloaded gas mileage was a concern, I would pony up the extra cash and get a Excursion with 7.3L PS.

I do agree with the Allison behind the 8.1L, as you only get the 4L80E behind the 8.1L in the Suburbans. But I'm not totally sold on Allison either as we blew up one at work with only 90k on was behind a 8.1L. $4500 for a new one...I could of bought two 4L80E for that.

Suburbans with a 8.1L have 3.73 gears...Suburbans with 6.0L mostly have 4.10 gas mileage is about the same between the two......shitty. The 6.0L in 2500 Suburbans don't even get the 4L80E...they only get the 4L60E, at least thats what I have been told.

If you look back at the '01/'02 engines the 8.1L has something like 90 more ft lbs of torque(360 to 450)...thats a lot. Plus its at a lower rpm then the 6.0L.

sorry for the ramble, and thank you for your input Scot...its alway appreciated.
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