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you can tow it, but like other people have said, id rather step up to the next size truck to make sure the gvrw is good.. they put that there for a reasion. becides the fact, you want a heaver tow vehicle that way you can control the trailer, not the trailer control you.

if ya do tow with the dakota, get the weight dist. hitch. that helps out alot. air bags wouldnt be that bad of an idea, depending on how much you tow. also remember to look at the cg of the truck vs trailer. with a bigger truck comes more of a foot print, and makes it more stable towing.

i have towed way more than i ever should have with my 1/2. i would like a 3/4 because of what i haul, when i haul, but i dont have one so i make do. but when ever possible, i try to my weight to a min. depending on where i go, that also depends on how much ill tow. i tow back and forth from my house, to the club grounds, wich is like 8 miles away, all back roads.. ill tow more there, taking my time then i would going main roads... but thats just me

also, depending on a cops day, but he can give ya hell for going over the gvrw. he can make you weigh, and if you go over, fines... lots of fines.

just a side note, but i belive in 2007 or latter 2006 michigan is requiring all loads to have tie down points, with seprate chains/straps... just fyi

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