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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
man made ponds and watershedds are not under the control of DNR unless you link them to a body of water or river, stream kinda thing. as long as you are not creating anything that would harm down stream fish your good to go.
and do your self a favor, if you are not the land owner get it in writing that you have permission to be there. some folks are real dicks when it comes to farms and tresspassing.
Well, he said they dug the ditches to drain the excess water....drain it to where? I suspect this may meet the 'linking' clause you mentioned above. If someone wanted to , they could call the DEQ. They don't take kindly to running around in water filled ditches, regardless of where they came from.
I know at the Mounds, which was a gravel pit, has every wet/pond like area blocked off with the exception of the long hole area in the back. They, DEQ, claimed the linkage to the Flint River via 'subsurface' aquafers.
Same thing happened @ Silver Lake, Some of the wet areas were just sandy. After a while some cat tails started growing and bingo, it's now a Federally protected Wetland. Dip one tire in it and the DNR will impound your vehicle. I know I help a guy winch his truck up a hill because it was just inches from the water and the DNR was just sitting watching, waiting for him to touch the water. They told us point blank, you touch the water and your truck is ours!
Back to topic, Your required by law to have written permission, on your person, to be on someone elses land. It's in the RecreationalTresspass law I read years ago.
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