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the sky is falling, the sky is falling.:dunie:

reality check...

there have been other, bigger wars throughout history, eventually they ended and life went on.
Politicians have always been liars and cheats, nothing new there.
One state has to be the crappiest, it just happens to be this one right now
Unemployment is NOT at and all time high, not even close. Go here: and look at the data for the early 1980's

As for having to live paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make expenses I think we're largely done that to ourselves. Most people seem to have forgotten the difference between "want" and "need". A house in the country is a "want". I'm tired of hearing people who drive 40 miles each way from the country to the city complain about how much it costs them in gas to make that drive. I guess you should have thought about that before you moved into an area with few jobs around it. It's your demand for gas that keeps the price high. Cable/satilite TV, cell phone, high speed internet, big car, big houses, large country lots... as much as many people think they "need" these things, they are still just "wants". People lived without these things for years, they could again.
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