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If the polititons want to show the people of Michigan,that they can and will improve the state. Than they need to first take a cut in pay before doing any other cuts or increases of our tax's
And the type of pension plans they receive is insane. I don't know if I have this totaly right but I think Drew and Mike were talking about this one day. If you are govenment elected official and only serve one term. Your pension is like almost the match of your yearly sallary the rest of your life. Something like that, I don't know if that is once you are of retirement age or starting the end of your term and are not re-elected. And some of these officials have some heafty sallaries. Also some of the superintendents in the state make more than the State Superintendent. Over 200k a year and what do they do? While the teachers in my oppinion are not compinsated enough. Well most teachers, I have met some that I wondered if they should even be considered teachers or just glorified babysitters.
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