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I make ok money and still hard to not live pay check to pay check. The only thing that I have found to keep my mind out of the dumps is knowing I am married to a wonderful woman and I still have my family. Money can't buy that!
As do I. My wife has so much to deal with I really don't know how she does it. We have 6 children living under our roof. The oldest two are from her first marriage and actually she was pregnant with my stepson when she got divorced. My stepdaughter was 4 and I will say it has not been easy with her. She had a hard time with the seperation of her parents and her father living in San Antonio, being so far away really has been hard. I can't imagine what it must be like. My parents are still together and had 11 kids. I am the oldest and actually my youngest sister is only a year older than my step daughter. Now my oldest just turned 14 and I must say it really is becoming hard. Then add 4 more into the mix and one being permanently handicapped my wife has her own full time job. In ways I am lucky I go to work every day because I am not strong enough to deal with all that.

And the Schools, man what a sad state our schools are in. My hat comes off to the men and women who stive to teach our children. My dad is a teacher so I know what it means, He taught High School (Math and Science) for 11 years and has now I think 25 years with OCC. He is a great man, though when I was younger I didn't think so. But now that I am a parent I can truly appreciate all the times he had to deal with my rebelious butt. But life was a bit easier then though it really wasn't that long ago. We got our share of spankings and oh yes we deserved it. Now we have this society of time outs and reasoning with our two year olds. Why do we have all the problems in our schools with shooting and violence? We aren't allowed to be parents to our children anymore. I read an article about spanking our children in Time several years back and the short of it said this. The trend of time outs and studies done showing the benifits were misleading. The majority of the kids being punished with that method were mainly from dual parent homes, higher income. The children being spanked were mainly in single parent lower income level families. So the children not being spanked excelled over those being spanked. What they ultimatly found children that were spanked from time to time and were from dual parent homes also excelled and even were higher than those of non spanking methods. Kids up to a certain age in developement can't understand no, or reasoning. You must get their attention, and a swat to the behind will get their attention and put a less desirable experience to a certain action. But ultimately we need to show our kids, love and how to respect their elders, peers, and themselves.

Our handicapped daughter is in third grade and attends a special needs class. The school just had their 3rd grade field trip and took the students to the Zoo. We got a call from the school about a week before the trip in regards to our daughter. She had been talking about this for several weeks and was so excited. The school told us that they decided they wouldn't be taking a bus with a lift. That three busses would be enough to take all the students, teachers and help. But if they took two regular and one lift bus there would not be enough seats and a fourth bus would be needed and did not want to make that expense. They told us that we could drive her and follow the buses or she could stay behind at school or be allowed to stay home that day. What a bunch of crap! I pay taxes, and we even provide the school with all the equipment our daughter needs on a daily basis though by law they are supposed to have or purchase those things. From walkers, special seats and other things we have saved our school system tens of thousands in doing this and they have the nerve to expect our daughter to not go. If we couldn't take her she wouldn't have gone and they were fine with that. Our economic status has become so bleek that we are losing more and more of the rights and privelages our country is all about.

I think one day I am gonna sit down and write a book about all the things we have had to go through. I am going to be 34 next week and I have already dealt with more crap than most people that are retired and twice my age.
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