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Michigan use to be a great state with great times shared by many. I find myself asking the same questions as you guys. When is it going to stop? I live on the Michigan Ohio border and have had amny thoughts about poking into ohio just to live but hate the feeling! I also have a stay at home wife/teacher.

We sat back listing to all the school funds being cut and seeing our son sturggling in 4th grade. We started home schooling him and within one year of him taking his own pace he is breezing through 6th grade stuff. So I ask what is going on in the schools?

And don't just think it's in MI that people are hurting cause no matter where you go there are still weak areas out there. Just seems MI is the weakest.

I make ok money and still hard to not live pay check to pay check. The only thing that I have found to keep my mind out of the dumps is knowing I am married to a wonderful woman and I still have my family. Money can't buy that!
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