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There is a HUGE black market on organs. If you and you're wife both sell a kidney, you could be rolling in a new truck!
It isn't that I don't have a sweet ride, or that I want Hillary for President! Crap, then this country would surly be done for. I think Between Clinton, and now what Bush has got us into we are in some real hard times and I think it is only going to get worse before it gets better. I am but at this point it doen't really matter what side you are on. Hillary is saying she is for free trade but there needs to be some rules set forth. Wasn't it her Husband who got that whole thing going? They are all crap!

I'm not for Comunisim or Socialism, hell I don't totaly know what they mean. I have an idea but I think at times our leaders need to step in, and stop some of this. Oil, well I won't hold my breath for Bush or Cheney to step in because, that would hurt their wallets. So make everyone suffer, how is it that gas prices just sky rocket! Demand? Well I think it is Greed. Instead of being real rich, No they need to be insanely rich. I live in Fowlerville and work in Farmington. Big difference in area as well as household income yet Gas is generally 10 cents or more higher than what it costs in Farmington. Hell somtimes I can save 20 cents by driving a half mile further down the road. What is that all about. We must just like taking it in the ass, thats the only thing I can figure. Whatever it is all relative, if you aren't struggeling then who cares.
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