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I was on that trail ride (with others) representing GLFWDA.
Everything was done on Seasonal Roads - legally.
No erosive spinning, just creeping through deep puddles in the road.
No wetland plants anywhere to be seen.
The pictures in my local paper (The Muskegon Comical) weren't even of the right ride.
It showed red Jeeps, Jack has Silver ones now to celebrate his 25th year of business.

Jack probably does have a "new" interest in promoting and protecting trail riding, now that it's his business. I don't see anything wrong with that. Every business has to focus on it's bread and butter. If he's now involved with the trails, we should figure out ways to utilize each other to improve off-road opportunities.

On Towing:

I asked Jack what the story is.
It is, of course, nothing like the rumors.

His side of the story:
The local police were setting up 'stings' for illegal towing.
Unfortunately, where they kept setting up, they would end up with the vehicles pulled over in Jack's parking lot.
There wasn't any rhyme or reason to the enforcement days. It seemed to be random.

After another day of watching enthusiasts get tickets for something they didn't even know was illegal, INCLUDING a family on vacation, he'd had enough of it turning off new enthusiasts to the hobby.

He started to complain about the sporadic enforcement of a law no one seemed to know about.
This has resulted in the generation of the Notice by the State Police (below), AND a 'warning' period that would be granted to get the word out.

The Police were starting enforcement on their own, Jack just complained that it was unfair because of the 'randomness' of the enforcement effort and the obscurity of the law.

HIS efforts stopped the random stings and brought uniformity to the enforcement.

No more surprises are a good thing in my book.

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