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Originally Posted by cwy426 View Post

The above will link to a story in a local newspaper that some will get a kick out of - those that are familiar with Jack Warfield/Sandy Korners
(aka Jackass). My understanding is, he is the one that put up all the fuss about strap towing, etc., causing the enforcement of the towing laws in Silver Lake. He did this because of the rules the DNR have regarding operating a business on the dunes, which he did not want to comply with.
Could you elaborate please?

Now, I have no problem with "promoting reginal tourism", however, I have a feeling it has more to do with promoting Sandy Korners. What was he hoping to accomplish by forcing the towing laws -
From the information I've been able to obtain, Jack was only advising the users of Silver Lake of the impending enforcement the DNR(Edit) County Sheriff was going to start doing this year.
If need be I'll call Pete L. up and get the real scoop. Pete's always been straight with us on enforcement issues.

I have seen some posts on this site by people saying they will no longer go to Siler Lake. Of course he could care less - those towing their own stuff weren't putting anything in his pocket.

The hard copy of the paper had pictures - one showing one of his jeeps going through a muddy section of whatever two-track they were on. Made me think of some of the discussions on what is legal to drive through and what is not....Maybe the DNR needs to read the paper?
If I'm not mistaken, the article said the tour went through the National Forest. The USFS has different rules then the DNR does for travel which was discussed at length on this site. Just one more complexity for us to understand

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