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OK I have read this entire board, kind of, I have spoke with the DNR, State and County police and I am thoroughly convinced I do not know squat about what is legal and what isn't. I thought I did, ignorance is bliss. That said I have a couple of questions which I understand I may or may not get the correct legal answer for.

1. What is a road vs. a trail vs. two-track?
2. Which is legal to traverse on CFR land? State/County Land? road, trail, 2-track?
3. What a hensweigh? (LOL Just kidding) Trying to keep it light.
4. What about roads that are washed out but do not have water running through them? Are they legal to drive?
5. What about windfalls? Are they legal to cross? Are they legal to clear?

P.S. I have a Plat Book, County Map, ORV trail Map and DeLorme's when I drive.

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