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Default forget Boycotts...lets try this

gas prices...we all bitch....but what can we do? We GOTTA have it. there is no way around it. I read in some history books though about this thing called The Boston Tea Party, sounds like those Americans had some balls. So how bout this one....forget the wont work. What if we could assemble a couple hundred thousand or more motorists around the nation (more the better) at a certain time, on a certain day, no matter where you may be, we just shut them off. Shut them all off. We have all the active people involved, we also every other motorist involved as well. in a large enough group, we could literally shut off entire sections of this nation. And we tell The Man that we aint startin em til we get 1.85/gal.....guarenteed. they cant write enough tickets...hell they can only tow so many...I visualise Big Mac, The Golden Gate, any and all major roadways plugged with thousands of cars, trucks, even semi's. Why do we get bent over the oil drum and smile. Yes we complain but its time to really DO something to get the attention of the Big Oil Boys. How in the Hell can you go on tv and tell us how roughit is for your companies this week, when only weeks ago you celebrate 60 BILLION in profit? enough ranting by me.................your turn
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