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Default Incredible hate crime in Tennessee

It is true, but was downplayed by the press. This is insane!

The victims

The accused

The story
Last January, two Knoxville Tennessee residents, college student Channon Christian 21, set to graduate this year and her boyfriend Chris Newsom 23 were minding their own business and going about their own lives when they were carjacked by two black males, Devall Davidson, and Letalvis Darnell Cobbins. Just taking Christian’s Toyota 4-Runner wasn’t all these two had in mind, they kidnapped the boyfriend/girlfriend pair and forced Christian and Newsom to accompany them back to their ‘seedy rental house,’ where they then enlisted the help of two others, including a black female named Vanessa Coleman and proceeded to sodomize Chris Newsom in front of Channon before they emasculated him and shot him in the head. He was then “bound and his body wrapped up in bedding and set afire,” prior to being “discarded like trash along nearby railroad tracks.”

A most horrific and unimaginable fate awaited Channon, after being traumatized by seeing her boyfriend raped and executed before her eyes, the three males, Davidson, Cobbins and George Thomas with the assistance of the female Coleman proceeded to subject Channon to a brutal and continuous series of rapes, including sodomy and God knows what else over a period of two days inside that house – they literally tortured her in ways that defy even the most jaded imagination for two days! Later her “battered body was found stuffed in a trash can.”

“Battered” in this case means that she was dismembered so that her corpse would fit neatly into several plastic bags. According to Vanessa Coleman, after they tired of torturing and raping Channon, the men urinated on her, and poured “cleaning chemicals” into her mouth and down her throat in an effort to destroy the physical evidence they had left behind. They then inexplicably cut off her breasts, dismembered her body and threw it in a trash can at the residence.

The early investigation as to how they caught these four individuals is irrelevant for the purposes of this story; it is enough to say that fingerprint evidence led the police to Davidson, and from there it was a matter of rounding everyone else up. I could further detail the horrors that both Christian and Newsom were subjected to, but I think the reader gets the point.

The purpose of my writing this particular piece has little to do with drawing attention to the very real problem America has at present with violent crime involving blacks. I’m not attempting to foment problems along racial lines either; I am merely stating undeniable, albeit politically incorrect facts. If these facts motivate you to leave comments on this article that attempt to justify and/or excuse the savage behavior of these men in any way whatsoever, congratulations, YOU are part of the problem. The reason I am even writing this article, which as I alluded to earlier deviates from my typical area of interest is because the news media has taken it upon itself to murder Channon Christian and Chris Newsom a second time by burying the story of what happened to them and thus sacrificing their memory on the alter of political correctness.
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