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Originally Posted by Haggar
Curious who is towing with a half ton pickup, what your setup it: trailer, vehicle/loads being towed, etc.

I'm looking to buy a truck this summer, and want to keep my options open.

These days, 1/2 tons are getting to the point that their capacites are similar to 3/4 tons for just a few years back. The nissan titan sports a Dana 60 rear with optional e-locker. The F-150 can be had with a sterling 10.25 rear. Most of the 1/2 tons offer at least 300, up to 350 or so. Stronger trannys, bigger brakes, etc..

Realistically, my towing load will be 5000lbs with my toyota, and 4000 lbs with my flatfender, which isn't all that much.

opinions? pics? Details? Glad to see them!
im thinking about picking up either a 1500 ram or a dodge dakota w/ 3.92s with a load equalization hitch and trailer brakes there shouldnt be any real issues with towing. even contemplated putting the magnum to work towing .. but with only the 3.5 and 3.07 gears its not going to realistically handle much over 3k for towing (which its rated for)..

i never thought id be a load equalization hitch bandwagoneer.. but i do have to say they work very well and well worth the price for any towing duties.. (unless of course thats me using the 3500 dually of my dads for towing my snowmobile around lol..)
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