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Some might consider me a reputable scientist and I personally do not feel there is enough evidence supporting evolution as the primary force responsible for the diversity of species on the planet. It is ONE theory, but it can not be tested; therefore can never be validated. (Please note, all theories of the beginning of life and diversity of species have this same issue). It is clear that changes can occur in populations when placed under selective stresses, especially observed in organisms that reproduce rapidly such as microorganisms. However, this does not mean it is the cause of the diversity of species.

My grievance is not that evolution is a theory of the diversity of life on earth, but that it is taught as absolute fact in our schools. I have been considering certification for teaching secondary biology, chemistry and math over the past few months and have met with advisors at UM, EMU and MSU. The state of michigan REQUIRES that you take evolution as a coarse in order to be certified to teach.

Consider this:

The observation: Many species on earth have conserved genes (same or similar genes).

Plausable Hypothesis 1: All species were created with a similar design (creationism)

Plausable Hypothesis 2: All species have a common ancestor and have diverged from that ancestor as selective forces have impacted the survival of unique individuals in a "divergence" of species (evolution).

Plausable Hypothesis 3: Species were extremely diverse "in the beginning", but conditions on earth have caused only those with similar genes to survive, thus the "convergence" of species. (just thought of that one, but it seems just as plausable as evolution).

What experiment could you conduct to test which one of the three is correct?
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