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Ok, i need to clear up an apparent issue with this car. I bought this car from a good friend of mine and when i got the car i was given a gauge cluster reading 77,000 miles on it. I installed the cluster without any hesitation as i was under the impression it was right and the car is clean enough that it was more than possible. At 83,000 miles i put the car up for sale. After a car fax was ran it showed the milage being off and that the last known milage was almost 99,000 back in 2003.

Hold onto your shorts because it gets a little confusing.

I called the previous owner who as i said was a good friend of mine and he told me the car had 96,000 when he sold it to me, i replied with that wasnt possible, i knew he only drove it in the summers and on weekends, but that certainly wouldnt cause it to have LESS miles. i rechecked the milage with carfax and called him back, then he came clean and said he wasnt sure if what he had done was illegal or not.

This is what happened.
He bought the car in 2003 with almost 99,000 on it, at 100,000 miles he swapped in the gauge cluster from his wrecked DSM that had 80,000 miles on it. He never planned to sell this car so it was just for his own pleasure of seeing less than 100,000 miles on it. Then when that odometer reached 96,000 miles he got a nonturbo gauge cluster that read 77,000 miles and shortly after he parked it and started converting the interior to a 97-99 black and started doing mods to it, I got the car mostly torn apart because he wasnt finished and had to move down south for school. I finished putting it together, and installed the only gauge cluster i had which read 77,000 miles. I now have almost 84,000 miles on that cluster.
In all reality the chassis has about 123,000 miles on it. I installed the engine from a 98 GST that i know has 90k miles on it. At this point all anyone can do is go on my word and check my math. But i assure everyone that to the best of my knowledge the actual milage is 123,000 miles. Michigan titles have the option for: Actual Milage, Not Actual Milage and Exceeds Mechanical Limits. However after a car is 10 years old in michigan (correct me if im wrong) the secretary of state no long checks milage on title transfer. Therefore if you do a car fax on my car you'll see no milage listed when i transfered the title. Had they checked the milage there would be a milage discrepency present.

The vin is 4E3L54FXSE04326

My price is not changing and is firm, regardless of the miles on this vehicle it is in outstanding aesthetic and mechanical condition. I expect no less than my asking price of 7500 with GSX wheels or 7000 with GST wheels.

I apologize for any issues i may have caused with anyone, i have great seller reputation everywhere and i would not sell a car knowing of an issue like this without informing the interested party.

i can be reached at 269.357.4372

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