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Originally Posted by Nick In Cali View Post
You need an Observation (what is wrong), Impact (How is this affecting the offroad community) and a Recommendation (how to fix it).
Great post.

The quote above sounds a lot like:

If you don't have a solution to offer,
You don't have a problem to present.

I try to use this philosophy in my dealings with public agencies.

Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
just like we are observing here, one thought leads to another. I have been at meetings where I had no plan to speak. Then someone says something that sparks a comment from me.

I also don't expect people to attend and feel pushed down because someone else is going to do the talking.

Looking like we have hidden behind closed doors to strategize and have our "attorney" speak is not always a good thing either.

By the way, I won't be there so I don't care.
I see 4 paragraphs . . .

1) Hopefully they're not looking for any return comment at all. Hey, maybe they want to show us what they want the next trail system addition to look like. Seriously though, it would be my hope that those attending would care enough to join GLFWDA. Anyone who had a thought sparked would write it down and ask themselves "Would this thought better serve the 4wd community as a comment now, or as an integral part of a cohesive, well laid out, response by the State level 4WD Association?". If they answer 'as a comment, now' then, by all means, stand and issue the comment.

2) I wouldn't want that either! I'm just hoping that people will think before they speak, or give their comments to GLFWDA after the meeting.

3) I agree that closed doors may appear inappropriate at times, but I believe a well thought out strategy is always good. I would only want the door closed to the Department while we debated the issue amongst ourselves, not wheelers.

4) Have fun on your trip! Wish I could join you.

Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Pat, I have to publicly disagree. GLFWDA is the organization that the DNR recognizes and is most likely to address about the video. So, yes GLFWDA needs to be the center of response.

However, this is a public meeting. We have been begging people to attend. If they want to speak, they legally are allowed to and I believe they should. The DNR needs to hear from more than "the usual few".

The key is, as I stated above, polite, well mannered, dressed well goes much further than yelling and screaming. People need to show that they can be professional.

We have all seen what yelling and screaming has done for OMB. Everyone considers him an idiot.

I'm sorry! I think I'm failing to differentiate between comments made by "John Doe/ Wheeler at Large (or member of Blank 4wd Club)" from the "Official GLFWDA" response. I'd like to see GLFWDA make one, well laid out, response.

I'm hoping the 'public' will consider assisting GLFWDA by writing their ideas down and adding it to the GLFWDA response as an option/alternative to speaking at the meeting.

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