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Whenever I respond to things, I feel much like an outsider looking in. Which is not always a bad thing.

I think what Trail Fanatic is trying to avoid by having GLFWDA give a consolidated, somewhat rehearsed and unified response from the full sized offroad community is an "OMB "Please leave these procedings"" type of reaction from the DNR. I like to think of it as a court trial. Although I'm the guy that's accused of murder, and I KNOW that I didn't do it, I'm still letting the lawyer talk, make the objections, and handle procedure because I'll probably do something that the prosecuters can twist and manipulate against me. I suppose a representative from the club that the 'offenders' belong to, or the individuals themselves to speak would be a plus as well. It would show that we do hold ourselves accountable and this was NOT an intentional breaking of the law.

Originally Posted by Trail_Fanatic View Post
IF you have something to say, WRITE IT DOWN. We would/could then have a discussion on it on our own private forum, compile all of our comments, form them into a concise, cohesive document that we can read or submit as the 'official' GLFWDA response to the video at the following AB meeting.
Okay, so I'll shoot my mouth off first about what I think should be addressed at the AB meeting.

1. This is NOT a habitual activity by the offroad community. Especially those in organized clubs, or individuals that belong to GLFWDA.

2. The underlying reason for this incident (and if you investigate the DNR citations written in the last... say... millenium I'm sure you'll find they're similar) is a lack of knowledge of what the laws truly SAY. (notice the word "say") Education of the public with an emphasis on owners of SUV, ORV vehicles is a serious downfall of the DNR. People simply don't know when they are breaking the law. Now one of the big stipulations of 'laws' is that ignorance is not a defense. A recommendation is to send a task force to the most popular ORV sites in Michigan and have an information booth set up. Much like the state police do at the county fairs or normal summertime community events for recruiting.

3. Lastly the 'laws' themselves leave a great deal of interpretation to the 'law' to the officer on the scene; and inconsitency between officers' interpretations is confusing us in the offroad community. For example, a DNR officer in the U.P. may not cite a person for erosive activities where as a person in Eaton County has a "pet-peave" about it; so when a 'yooper' comes down to slum with us 'trolls', he doesn't understand why he's receiving a citation for something he's done all his life. A recommendation for corrective action would be either more extensive training for the DNR officers concerning matters of offroad trail use to ensure equal enforcement of all laws accross the board.

Again my opinion; but its not very helpful to just bitch about something in order to have people listen to you. To be constructive you'll need to format things much like we do here at the Urban Warfare Training Center. You need an Observation (what is wrong), Impact (How is this affecting the offroad community) and a Recommendation (how to fix it).

I have to get back to work. Thanks for reading.
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