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I'd like EVERYONE to show and sign the registration sheet as a 4x4 user.
Numbers on the attendance list show user group concern.

I just don't think we (the users, AB attendees, and/or GLFWDA) should comment on the same night the video is revealed to the "public" for the first time. Comments should be well laid out before submission to the Department. . . and that's IF the Department is even looking for a response from the 4x4 community.

If we have 20 people show and act like OMB (sorry OMB, but you are acting like a perfect example at the moment), we might as well pack up and go home, we'd never see anything form the Dept. again. THANK GOD everyone here seems logical and genuinely interested in learning how to make a positive impact on the situation!

Having been ordered by the Legislature that 25% more ORV paths are to be designated, and having the Forest Certification inspectors tell them that they ALMOST didn't get the certification because of illegal ORV use - at the same time - is really putting the pressure on the Department to start addressing the system's inadequacies. Even Steve Kubisiak has expressed an interest in sitting down with the GLFWDA Land Use Committee to see where we can work together for the improvement of our sport in Michigan.

I think we're already seeing this change in attitude by the Department. Without it I don't think we'd have had the Rock Crawl grants approved for St. Hellens or the Mounds - and BOTH grants were approved this year.

We need to support, collaborate with, and be nice to every, and any, agency who has anything to do with land management. We need to keep in mind that we just might be able to get quite a bit accomplished by working together. Those issues which we can't agree upon are no problem at all . . . we simply agree that we disagree, and let a Judge decide who's right. That's a Judge's job.

There's never any need to be anything but nice.

It's kind of like in "Roadhouse", only when it's time to "not be nice" in the movie, it's time for us to "continue to be nice and ask a Judge for the Court's opinion".

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