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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Since this is a typical chaired public meeting with an agenda, my guess is that they will not discuss it till it comes up on the agenda. And, the Q/A /comment session comes afterwards.
Just a small technical clarification. The really is no Q&A. The time reserved at the end of the meeting is 'Public Comment'. Trying to coierce a reply out the department of the Advisory Board will be met with terse and sometimes sarcastic reply's. Being disruptive is a sure fire way to NEVER get the DNR or anyone else to listen to your viewpoint, regardless of how valid they may be. Like WhiteRhino and others have said, dress nice, don't interupt, listen, speak your peace and then sit down. If the AB or DNR want to ask you a question, they will. Otherwise, all you get to do is make a public comment, just like the agenda says.
I have to agree with both Jim and Pat on this. I don't think users should be denied the right to speak if they have a position or statement on one of the topics presented that night or any other night. But I don't think the Advisory Board want to hear 20 prople saying the same thing. Having different view points and different angles to the subject might just hit a nerve with someone in the DNR. But make no mistake. Anything done to benefit us will HAVE to be initiated by the DNR. The Advisory Board is just that, Advisory. Their a sounding board for the User community M/C and ATV, (Full size has yet to ever be seated due to the DNR believing full size vehicles have all the forest roads to recreate on.) Law enforcement, Environmental issues, Industry, and DNR. While their terms, AB Board members that is, are subject to controversy that topic alone might be a good 'Public Comment' to make, i.e. When are nominations being accepted for expiring terms on the board?

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