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Originally Posted by Grandman View Post
Yes there is some guessing , filling in the blanks . How ever wasnt Adam and Eve modern humans , you know simular to us in mental abliity , look pretty much like us modern humans ? If im wrong feel free to correct me .

Now how is it we find remains of cavemen ? Clearly with less brain capacity then the modern human and physically different .

Your faith requires a complete leap of faith as there are no facts envolved what so ever , zero proof yet you dont like the idea that evolution requires us to fill in " some " blank spots to tell the story .

religion was succesful for one reason , mans fear of death . Give him a way out of it and he will buy any story . Creates peice of mind that you will not parish . < cowards way out .

As an American Indian here is my view . I am a part of the earth , no better no worse then a tree , grass or any other animal . I came from the minerals of this earth i will return those minerals when i am done thus completing the circle of life . Perhaps you can explain to me why you have some greater value then my dog and why you should have some special place to go after death ? This train of thought requiers you to put your self above all other creatures and frankly i think that is a bad joke sir .

I will respectfully disagree. They have yet to find or determine that any "cavemen" or "neanderthals" has ever existed. Basically, they are just different races of humans (e.g. pygmies in austrailia, native americans and vikings all would look extremely different if you had their bones in front of you).

Here is some good reading on the subject. I know its a Christian site, but don't discount it as the us several references from leading scientists and archeologists today.
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