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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
If this is the case in this state, we have already Lost, there is no trail riding in Michigan that is legal, Its time to name this state Cali-Michigan.
Easy there Flareside... Cali isn't as bad as this yet.

Thus far we don't have any of this silly non-sense going on out here. Sure there's the Sierra Club tree huggers trying to shut down our trails, but the National Forest Service actually works with us to evaluate the trails, determine if the trail needs to be closed for repair and sets a re-open date before the trail is shut down. BUT, we also don't have a lot of illegal wheeling going on because out here there are PLENTY of places to go. You usually don't have to plan vacation time from work to get the level of wheeling you want.

**Okay, another loser joins in**

[Rant] I'm hearing a lot of rehtoric about this subject, going back and forth about what to do, what not to do and how to do or not do it.

First, after reading this post I'm the newest member of the GLFWDA. I put my money where my mouth is (and I really can't afford it, so cough it up people). You'll notice I'm not a paying member of (I'm living on military pay with child support!) IF were a club and part of my membership dues went to GLFWDA, I'd consider supporting the site next year when my individual membership is up with GLFWDA. This website is a VERY popular web-group that could be very influential in the state. What's the membership on this site alone... sligtly over 4,000? I realize that GL4x4 is not a 'club' per say but I think it could really support the sport by doing a couple SIMPLE things. CC seems motivated, and deny it as much as you want but there's a 'clique' of wheelers on here that could help too.

1st, gotta spread the word guys. I knew that the offroading in Michigan was endangered but HOLY HELL! I didn't know it was circling the drain like this. I'll be honest; if I hadn't read this thread, I guarantee I would have done something illegal and not known about it. I don't have a full solution on this but the word has GOT to get out on what's legal and what's not. Nobody reads pamphlets handed out when you buy an ORV (cycle or quad) and I know my Jeep didn't come with an ORV laws handout.

2nd, get more involved physically. Do trail clean-ups more often or try to get an "adopt-a-trail" program going. Something you can log hours & member participation and show impact with photographs to the State/DNR. I'd say the first step is getting more people involved. Hell do it in conjunction with trail rides (if there are any legal rides left.)

Ah hell, you've heard it all before. It comes down to who doesn't want to drive two states away just to wheel when your own state shuts it ALL down.


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