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Originally Posted by MTUJeeper View Post
Jim, I appreciate the thanks, but I just want to get it out there that I nor my club has any affiliation with any videos posted except for the fact that we attend the same school. I just have to do this to cover the clubs ass. I will admit that I was ignorant to the extent of how SHITTY the laws in this state run by Mrs. Moley our god-forsaken liberal (insert bad word here) of a governor (sorry, had to release some steam there) have become. I've been considering getting out of the sport to start on my own monster truck (I work on a pit crew now) and this just makes it even more appealing. I will gladly stay and fight, but if I have to have it on my mind that I am breaking the law every time I wheel, it kinda takes the fun out of it. I need a few of these...
FYI these laws were in place LONG before Granholm was in office... heck many were closed when the state could not maintain them anymore after Engler robbed the rec funs and moved them to the general budget years ago. This has been happening for a VERY long time, not just in the last 6 or 8 years.

I likely will be at the next ORV meeting. I just hope that old geezer (I don't know his name) doesn't talk about trying to legislate the need for differentials on quads again because 'live axles are unsafe and tear up the land more' I might have to stand up and explain how it is HIS views that is part of the reason that Michigan is in the tank... for this being a recreation state it is views like HIS that are driving tourism away and closing trails.
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