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Those of you that are asking the questions about Drummond and your camps in the UP and so on are asking the same type of questions that are SOOOO hard to pin down. The letter of the law makes it hard to dispute. But then common sense does seem to prevail in certain areas. Like TF said, if they come to a common enforcement, the bet is that we will get the worse end of it.

I also think TF makes a very good point. The majority of us love our land and that's part of the alure. We like being in the woods and don't want to see it destroyed. Big industry and mother nature do far more damage than we could ever hope to do. I look at trails that I ran 30 years ago and they look exactly the same now as then. And I keep saying to myself if no one can even enter the forest, what are we saving it for?

More than once we have been accused of "you guys with big tires tear it up so no one can get thru it". arrrgggg! That is so frustrating since I can literally idle through stuff that a stock 4x4 can't make it through. I'm not tearing it up! In my "moral" opinion, leaving a few ruts on a 2 track do nothing in the scope of what heavy industry does. But getting that through to the lawmakers seems to fall on deaf ears.

I agree we need to get to the right lawmakers and we have been trying to do that with limited funds. With the state of our economy, our problems are nothing to them. And since they are short staffed, the easiest way to monitor us is to simply keep us out. Plus, face it, a ticket is revenue.

I do not have the answer to your questions. I believe that many of the northern CO's use common sense and don't have a problem with anyone driving down a semi muddy trail or a sandy trail.

Keep in mind that this whole thread started because it came up on the DNR agenda. People need to be aware of the ramifications when posting pics and video.

This is not unique to Michigan. If you guys want some insight as to the issues other states are seeing, log onto Browse around there & you will see that areas all around the country are fighting the same type of issues.

Thanks for keeping this thread healty. I only hope that after the hoopla dies down that everyone doesn't just fade away.

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